Rose McGowan Joins The Colored Hair Trend

As much as they never really admit it, celebrities copy from each other so much. One person begins something and many others fall into the bandwagon. Lately, celebrity ladies have taken to bleaching their hair using weird colors.

The trend has taken root to the extent that fans are left wondering who the next one to join the trend would be. It was Kelly Osborne, Nicole Richie and now Rose McGowan. Of course she has chosen reversible colors to give her the opportunity to change colors when she wants to. But the fact that she has been inducted into the trend leaves a lot to people’s imagination.

Rose McGowan plastic surgery photo

Rose has won herself a debut directorial position as well. This made her have a good time during Katy Perry’s ‘The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards’ event which saw Katy unveiling a new purple do. To keep the others guessing, she wore a cap and a plain black mime-like outfit. While donning a turtle neck, Rose posed with her hands inside her pocket. Her make-up was simple yet dramatic. The lips were scarlet red and mascara lashing as usual.

About her new role in filming, Rose seems buoyed by the announcement that she will direct The Pines, which is a psychological thriller scheduled for shooting in New York during the fall season. The script of the film was penned by Alex Mar. The Pines is a tale of a young woman who is troubled when her dreams are about to be shattered by a family dominated by healers. Mc Gowan’s other short film Dawn was premiered in 2014.

Rose McGowan was born on the 5th of September 1973 in Certaldo Italy. Her father was a writer while mother was an artist. She became a child model and appeared in Vogue Bimbini and a variety of other Italian magazines. When she was ten years, her parents returned to the US after their divorce. She spent most of her time with her father, though at age 15, she emancipated herself totally from her parents. McGowan got into the film industry before hitting twenty.

Her very first role in Hollywood film was in 1992 when she starred in Encino Man, a comedy show. In 1995, her role in The Doom Generation created quite a buzz in the movie industry and was nominated for The Best Debut Performance during the Independent Spirit Awards in 1996. Her acting prowess saw her act in Scream which was a hit film in 1996. In the same year, she was a cover model for the album, Shots in The Dark.

Apart from acting, Rose is also a musician. She appeared in a video song Comma White during the time she dated Marilyn Manson. Both the songs can be found on the album Mechanical Animals. On a Brian Transeau track known as Super-fabulous, Rose took a part. The song has featured in many films including Win a Date With Tad Hamilton. McGowan got married to Davey Detail in 2013. Her first relationship to Manson ended in a split. The other was to Davey Detail, but this one too ended in a split in 2013.