Kim Kardashian’s Changing Body Over the Years

Kim Kardashian after cosmatic surgery

Kim Kardashian, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians superstar is envied for her stunning figure and looks by millions. Plastic surgery and Kim Kardashian have always been rumoured to go hand in hand. Her changing image from her lucrative sex tape days to a mega superstar has brought along with it her changing body and face. It is quite believable that to maintain to the level of mega-stardom, socialite pal of Paris Hilton, has undergone many cosmetic procedures over years.

When you span her pictures over the years of her career you can hardly believe that it is the same person. Even though one has to agree that human body naturally changes over time but the person isn’t going to be unrecognizable for sure. There have been numerous surgery rumours as to whether Kim’s famous looks, her lovely button nose and bulbous buttocks are fake or nature intended.

Fans can easily compare Kim’s recent photographs with earlier ones to point out her surgical enhancements even though her PR team vehemently denies the fact. Kim had claimed “I’m so not the person against plastic surgery, but if you’re asking me, I’m telling you I’ve done Botox,” in response to her continued plastic surgery speculation. Pictures can be deceiving and cannot always be used to support cosmetic enhancement claims but not the opinions of eminent plastic surgeons who have regularly speculated Kim’s changing looks and informed reporters about everything from Kim’s butt and breast implants and Botox injections to rhinoplasty and lip surgeries.

A cure for cellulite – Kim tried laser cellulite treatment VelaShape to smoothen her thighs, buttocks and abdomen in 2007. “VelaShape is basically a non-surgical device that massages the needed area and stimulates blood circulation so that it minimizes cellulite,” Kim explains. Before Oscars we see a lot of stars for VelaShape so that they fit into their dress,” says Dr Payman Simoni. Kim proudly declares that her famous curves are natural but admits that when you look at pictures there is always something you can improve on. She has also claimed to have a butt x-ray in order to prove to the world that her curves are real.

Butt and breast implants – According to Dr. Youn, Kim’s “breasts appear overly round and full for her thin figure. This ’roundness’ is a likely sign of breast implants.” Experts suggest that she may have had a Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from the thighs and abdominal area and transferred surgically to the buttocks for an enhanced look and a larger butt to waist ratio.

Rhinoplasty – A forensic analysis of Kim Kardashian’s nose job reveals that it is subtle changes done with ultimate rhinoplasty finesse will immediately catch one’s attention. From a surgeon’s point of view in her post surgery pictures she has a prominent, visible, clean and concave line that forms an eye frame around each eye and extends to the tip of the nose.

In her earlier pictures this line is flattened around the eyebrow and then has both concave followed by convex turns which gives a pear shape and asymmetrical appearance. Her nasal tip was under rotated and pointed downwards before but now it has been rotated upwards and become finer which has shortened her nose length to near perfection.

Face and Lip transformations – Even though the Kim’s lips have always been voluptuous, they clearly appear to have been plumped with lip injections. Particularly her lower lip appears to be injected with fillers like Juvederm Voluma that makes her upper and lower lip proportions altered. She is rumoured to have had fillers regularly for cheek and mid-face augmentation. Her cheeks and chin look more defined in her recent photographs with tightening of skin around the jaw area which gives a more smoother look to her face.

It seems that Kim’s plastic surgery timeline will forever be under speculation. Fans cannot ignore her obvious transformations through plastic surgeries but perhaps some of the facts could just be rumours and maybe stardom has had excellent effects on her skin and has made her evolve naturally.

Kim’s sister Kourtney Kardashian is also rumored to have gone through the knife.

Kourtney Kardashian