Maturity Through Plastic Surgery, Read Hyuna’s Story!

Gangnam girl Hyuna has managed to be in the news, once again; and this time, not with her performance or appearance, rather with the news of her Hyuna plastic surgery. Shocked to hear the story? Well, everyone out there is going through the same phase just like you, after knowing about the Gangnam beauty’s latest feat, Hyuna plastic surgery.

Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before And After

At the very beginning of her career, Hynua looked extremely different, but now, at a recent event, her face, as commented by her fans, as well as the haters, look unnatural. Hyuna seems to have undergone the knife procedures of eyes and nose, and even if she did not do anything to her eyes, she has definitely enhanced her nose at least. This is evident from her previous photos.

At just the tender age of 22, Hyuna has managed to create a sensation among the youths of Korea. She debuted as a k-pop artist with her girl band with the name Wonder Girls, which appeared in the year 2007. She later joined another girl band 4Minute in the year 2009. In all these years, Hyuna also released a good number of songs that made her receive positive garners from her fans.

But, along with her stupendous fame, Hyuna also managed to gather attention with the news of her getting a Hyuna plastic surgery done on her face and body. As usual, just like other celebrities, Hyuna denied each and every speculation that arose claiming her surgery procedures. She also remarked that she is all natural and believes in keeping the natural charm of her face intact, with which she was born.

When she was inquired about this, Hyuna, during her days with the 4Minutes, answered, “We 4Minute is known for not doing plastic surgery. All 5 members, we have not done any plastic surgery.”

A number of her haters bash her onli9ne frequently with the evident photos of her Hyuna plastic surgery, and as usual, her fans take it up as a challenge to combat those allegations with their share of the proofs. For reasons, they cite that due to Hyuna’s recent weight loss and the great makeup techniques, people tend to be fooled by her ravishing looks. Nobody knows how true the claims of Hyuna plastic surgery are in reality, but she has surely gathered a huge number of critics for her newly enhanced looks.

A brief study of Hyuna plastic surgery that you must know of

At the music video of Gangnam style, Hyuna raised some eyebrows when people looked at her bigger and open eyes that were rounder. Before this, Hyuna’s eyes were relatively smaller. People say that she might have undergone certain procedures like Lateral Canthoplasty which involves the cutting of the corners of the eyes, along with a little b it of Blepharoplasty or the double eyelid surgery. No matter what she has done, only a makeup artist with, out of the world skills in makeup can actually do such wonders on the face of any people out there.

Hyuna plastic surgery

People have also argued with the speculation of Hyuna plastic surgery, where she flaunted her newly enhanced, rhinoplastered nose. In the recent pictures, Hyuna’s nose seem to be a bit uplifted and straight, but in her earlier pictures, her nose appeared to be extremely blunt.

In the recent pictures, Hyuna’s nose bridge appears to be slender, straight and narrow, before, which was wider. Hyuna does not exhibit the perfect qualities of her nose. In the recent pictures, the round tip of the nose is giving a button like appearance. Her nose does not look that bad although. Her nose also appears to be well polished, bright and shiny as well, which were not evident before.

It is a known fact that the Asians yearn for a well v-shaped jawline which makes the face look daintier when compared to a broader jawline. Before, Hyuna had a jawline resembling the shape of U, but in her recent pictures, we come across her enhanced image with a v- shape of the jaw. This change cannot take place by makeup, and if weight loss is to be blamed, then, Hyuna is contradicting the science of possibility.

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