Cool Long Haircuts for Black Men

Your buddy gang likes you in Long Dread Locks when girlfriend desires in Tapered Long Dread Locks. Two days ago you shortlisted your ‘best long hairstyle’ list starting with Medium-Length Curls, Long Locks and Afro Style Black Men Long Hair View.

Long Hairstyles for Black Men

Sometimes life gives you real tough choices man! Now, your life saver can one and only be the picking of the best hairstyle for your face that will make your girlfriend love you more and indulge your friend to take advice from you for their next haircut. So, let’s get started:

Dreadlock Chic: If you want some hairstyle that is subtle yet mark-leaving then Dreadlock Chic is the perfect possibility for you. The equal parting of the hair into ponytail and down laying will brilliantly bring out the prepossessing-sturdy you. This Dreadlock Chic can be best paired with any light coloured loose top wear and an informal bottom wear.

Length Curls: curls have been helping us in hiding our hair thinning crisis by adding a false volume. The best part of this dashing and a typical hairstyle especially for the black men is its cup tying with every kind of outfit; be it your formal suit or the beach wear. The best way to produce the voluminous curl is to add some synthetic hair foaming spray.

Twist and shout Dreadlock: I know, you are ready to endeavour all of your dedication, patience and creativity on the every stuff under this world that worth it. Hence, Twist and shout Dreadlock, with the expert professional maintenance, is certainly going to be in the limelight of every occasion you will be attaining. Though will go with most of the face shapes, this hairstyle for Black ( men will best compliment a long face.

Long Locks: be bold enough to snatch the heart of your audacious beauty diva with long locks. No such geometrical perfection is needed to execute this look. Only with some hair spray, some minimal hair accessories and your years of patience till the perfection. Long locks are the best match for the tall black men with a broad shoulder.

Afro Style Black Men Long Hair View: Bring the Boho-you out with this up to the minute, easy and quick hairstyle. As because of its fuller appearance, this perfect hairstyle for black men will make your hair will look much thicker and voluminous. The most appreciable part is that this hairstyle is equally well going with every face structure.

Bandana Dread Locks: simplicity is the loudest grandeur and your Bandana Dread Locks with a broad hair band are here to stand for it. This is the matchless hairstyle for you if you want to carry out experimenting your locks with colouring, highlighting and spraying.

Black Very Long Curly Afro Hairstyle: yes, you have the long, thick dark locks and you must boast of it. Just curl your long hair in Afro style and let the hair speak for the rest.

So, what have you decided to go for? Don’t forget to share with me the comments your mates gave seeing the new you.