Famous Celebrity Weight Loss Surgery Cases You Didn’t Know

Celebrities are constantly hounded by the paparazzi and everything they do makes the front and back pages of newspapers and magazines. Celebrities cannot sneeze without some cameraman taking a picture these days, so when a superstar adds weight you can be sure that a lot of speculation would be thrown in the air as to why the celebrity has added a few more pounds than usual.

A large number of celebrities are known to augment their looks and one way by which they do this is by going under the surgical knife. Celebrity weight loss or plastic surgery is not a new thing in the entertainment world and it is not unusual to see an overweight celebrity suddenly have an hour-glass figure. Here are some celebrity weight loss surgery stories that might interest you.

Sharon Osbourne

In 1999, Sharon Osborne underwent a Gastric Bypass surgery in which she lost an amazing 100 pounds of excess weight. She had an eating problem and even admitted this much in an interview conducted by People Magazine, where she said she hoped she could control her problematic eating problems all on her own; and to do this, she said she wouldn’t mind reversing the Gastric Bypass surgery.

Sharon Osborne Weight Loss Surgery

She actually went in to have the band in her stomach removed in 2006, as she stated later in 2014 on Entertainment Tonight that she had to vomit most of the time, as the food she ate never seemed to go down.

The Blues Traveller Band Lead Singer

Another celebrity weight loss surgery that took place in 1999 was also a Gastric Bypass surgery that was done on the lead vocalist of the Blues Traveller band – John.

John Goodman Weight Loss Surgery

He had suffered from a very serious heart attack, which was caused by his over eating habits. After the surgery, he had lost 200 pounds, which was almost half of his body weight before the surgery.

Roseanne Barr

One household name that most people can relate to is Roseanne. This was also the title for the hugely successful TV show that aired for an amazing nine seasons. In 1998, Roseanne Barr had a Gastric Bypass surgery, as she was seriously overweight, at the time she weighed over 350 pounds.

Roseanne Barr weight loss surgery before after

After the surgery, she weighed 168 pounds losing an astounding 200 pounds in the process. This was a celebrity weight loss surgery that was long expected though, as during her show, viewers watched as she constantly added weight and those close to her worried about her weight problem.

One other celebrity weight loss surgery that you might not have known about is the 2003 Gastric Bypass surgery done on one of the maiden judges of the hugely successful live show American Idol – Randy. He had lost 113 pounds after the surgery and now he’s leaner and fitter than ever.